• David RostrumVery friendly people to deal with and extremely professional company, if your a new start this is were you need to be.
  • Sam KromstainI searched worldwide for a company to supply decent backup & support with good tuning software, I thought I'd never find one until I came across Eurotune, these guys helped me from beginner status to my now newly purchased 4,000 Sq Ft tuning workshop, I could never praise them enough..
  • Bradley GroshTop notch guys, no questions are too stupid for these guys, like they always told me, "everyone has to start somewhere"
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Upcoming race nights

The next scheduled meeting is at Linwood 7pm sharp, lets see a decent turnout this time, we want to get everybody with a decent ride lined up with bonnets and boot up, show off your kit (ladies too).

The Cops Will for sure be in attendance so lets be carefull out there, they can only pull you if you give them a reason, so please check your lights are working and no dud bulbs, also the easy target for them at the moment is registration plates, illegal plates are an easy ticket for these overpaid traffic wardens.


about recent race night

Last race meet was a belter, some nice rides turned up and some great burnouts too.

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